Top 10 Universities of Argentina
Top 10 Universities of Argentina

Top Universities of Argentina

Have you considered Argentina as the next destination for your higher education? If not, it’s time you should. Argentina is the home of footballer zealot, Lionel Messi. You can find all you need to know about the Top 10 Universities of Argentina 2016 / 2017 here. The ranking is given by world’s leading company specializing in education and study abroad, Quacquarelli Symonds (QS).

  1. Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA)

Established in 1821, Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA) is a public university in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is the foremost institute in Argentina and is ranked among the top 75 universities of the world. It is the largest institute of the country and in terms of enrollments second largest in Latin America. The university has 14 faculties providing a range of subjects for undergraduates and postgraduates. It has a student’s body of 149,410. Five of the notable alumni of university are Nobel laureates.

  1. Universidad Austral

Established in 1992, Universidad Austral is a private, Catholic university with its three campuses in Buenos Aires, Rosario, and Pillar, Argentina. It is ranked 331 globally, 18th in Latin America and is Argentina’s second best institute. It offers 15 full-time degrees through five schools. Its business school is ranked as the 4th best in the world. The total number of students enrolled in this university is 5000.


  1. Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina Santa María de los Buenos Aires – UCA

Established in 1958, Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina is a private institute with its campuses in Puerto Madero, Aires, Argentina. It is ranked as 26th best institute in Latin America and as 4th best in Argentina. Its huge number of faculties and institutes offers myriad of academic fields for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Currently 15,000 students are enrolled at the university. UCA has a huge number of notable alumni. 160 courses are offered in this university.

  1. Universidad de Belgrano

Established in 1964, Universidad de Belgrano is a private university in   Belgrano , Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is ranked 48th in Latin America and is among the top 10 in Argentina. Its motto is “Science and culture to all”. It has 9 departments granting degrees for undergraduates and graduates in variety of fields. The university is home to nearly 7,000 students.

  1. Universidad de Palermo (UP)

Established in 1986, Universidad de Palermo (UP) is a private institute in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  It is ranked 61-70th in Latin America and 9th Argentina. University’s seven schools offer many learning field for undergraduate and postgraduate students. They have a student population of more than 11,000 students who comes from all over the world.

  1. Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires (ITBA)

Established in 1959, Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires (ITBA) is a private institute in the city of Buenos Aires. It is ranked 551-600 globally and 52nd in Latin America. The university’s main focus is   on Information Technology, Business and Engineering studies. It offers undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral studies in myriad of learning fields. At this moment in time above 7,000 graduates are enrolled at ITBA. It has many eminent alumni.


  1. Universidad de San Andrés – UdeSA

Established in 1988 with a motto of ‘Seek the truth’ UdeSA is a private institute in Victoria, Aires, Argentina. It is among the top 5 institutes in Argentina and among top 50 in Latin America. It has the country’s largest private library. The university is divided into 7 departments which spans over 596 academics. The university offers undergraduate and graduate degrees and also some specializations. Of a large number of its student’s only undergraduates are more than 2000 in number. The university has lived to produce many legendary alumni.

  1. Universidad Nacional de La Plata

Established in 1897, Universidad Nacional de La Plata is a public institute in the city of La Plata, capital of Buenos Aires Province. It is ranked 551-600 in the world, 20th in Latin America and 6th In Argentina. It is second best university of Argentina. It is one of the foremost Argentina’s National universities. It has 16 departments giving degrees in more than 100 learning fields. It has an academic staff of more than 10,000 and a current enrollment exceeds the figure of 90,000. The universities alumni are replete with many renowned names.

  1. Universidad Nacional de Córdoba

Established in 1613, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba is a public institution in Córdoba, Córdoba Province, Argentina. It is ranked as the 25th best university in Latin America. It is Argentina’s oldest university. It has 13 schools providing education for undergraduate and postgraduate students. The university has a gargantuan student body of 121,329.

  1. Universidad Torcuato Di Tella

Established in 1991, Universidad Torcuato Di Tella is a non-profit private institute in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In the list of best universities in Latin America UTDT saves its spot at 41stplace. There are numerous courses and degrees offered at the university for students from all over the world. The university is home to more than 4,000 students.

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