Top 5 Universities of Finland
Top 5 Universities of Finland

Top Universities of Finland

Wouldn’t the combo of getting a chance to study in world’s renowned institutions and that too in a country of cutting-edge urbanity, unspoiled nature and vast horizons of forests and lakes? Well Finland is the country that can offer you that chance. Relish the serenity of Finland and read here all you need to know about Top 5 Universities of Finland 2016 / 2017. The rankings are of QS Top Universities.

  1.    University of Helsinki

Established in 1640, university of Helsinki is a public research university located in Helsinki, Finland. It is among the top 105 universities of the world. It is the foremost institute in Finland. It is considered as the oldest and largest university in the country. It also offers the widest range of disciplines than any other university in Finland. The University is spanned over 11 faculties providing Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral degrees. It is a highly research oriented university with 11 research institutes. It aims on focusing researcher education and high-level scientific research. It is home to 36,500 national and international students. Among the alumni of University of Helsinki are three Nobel Laureates. This university is among the top 20 university of Europe.

  1.  Aalto University

Established in 2010, Aalto University is a public research university in Greater Helsinki, Finland. It is ranked 137th globally. The university is the result of merger of three leading Finnish universities: the Helsinki University of Technology (EST; 1849), the Helsinki School of Economics (est. 1904), and the University of Art and Design Helsinki (EST; 1871). This university, innovative and unique in its foundation focuses on research and multi-disciplinary education. The Finland’s third largest university has six schools offering 90 degree programs at bachelor, master and doctoral level. Almost 14,000 students are currently enrolled at the university. Among its famous alumni is also a Nobel Prize winner.

  1.  University of Turku

Established in 1920, University of Turku is a public university located in Turku, Finland. It is ranked 278th in the world and is considered the third best Finish university. It is the Country’s second largest university in terms of student’s enrollment. It has seven facilities spanning over many departments providing myriad of learning disciplines for bachelor, master and doctoral programs. It has also been involved in some research work. The university has a student’s body of 13,090 pupils. It has many eminent alumni.


      4. Tampere University of Technology

Established in 13 August 1965, Tampere University of Technology is a public research university. It is ranked 380h globally. It is a multidisciplinary and research-oriented university. It has four faculties and offers teaching in more than 100 fields of learning for undergraduates and graduates. Currently 7,000 students are enrolled here. The university has many famous alumni.

5. University of Jyväskylä

Established in 1934, University of Oulu is a public research university located in Oulu, Finland. It is ranked 357th among the world universities and safely secures the 4th spot in the best universities of Finland. It is one of the largest Universities in the country. It is renowned for its high quality research. Currently more than 11,000 students are attending the university. Among its alumni are many famous people and also none other than the quondam president of Finland who is also a Nobel Prize winner for peace.


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