Banned “Girls bed sharing" in IIUI hostels
Banned “Girls bed sharing” in IIUI hostels

Dated: 27th April 2017

In Islamabad, International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) issued a notification in which it banned girl’s bed sharing in the girls’ hostel.

At the 20 April 2017, Assistant Director Provost Office Nadia Malik issued a notification for the girls’ hostel authorities in which she said all hostel boarders are informed that bed sharing is strictly prohibited in the hostels.

In the notification informs the hostel boarders if any girls found sharing bed with friends or sisters (sleeping, sitting in one/same blanket/bedspread) will be fined with a heavy fine.

The notification ended by instructing hostel boarders to place ‘proper/reasonable distance’ between their beds i.e. at least two (2) feet distance.

The notification stirred a strong debate on social media (fb, twitter and reddit) because it was specifically issued for girls’ hostels despite the fact that a huge number of students are illegally residing in boys’ hostels of the university.

The IIUI has a mega structure of female hostels, consisting of seven female hostel blocks with a capacity of approximately 2,500 students.

When this scribe contacted, IIUI Media Incharge Syed Aftab Hassan, he said that there was a huge space problem in the girls’ hostel, as the university had already accommodated more students.

He said that the problem arises because the student who was allotted bed started accommodating relatives and friend too, so the university management had to take action due to space management and administrative issues.

The problem created because of the language of the letter, as it was not properly drafted otherwise there was no any other issue instead of space, he said.

To a question, Hassan said that undoubtedly there are also male student illegal residing in hostels but they could manage them due to uncheck entry and exit timing; however, as per girls are concerned it is not possible because of their strict entry and exit timing.