When you get called for interview, you have been advised a million times the proper behavior or how you should not behave, either it is an admission interview or job interview. These instructions have been given throughout the years, however, honestly we can’t remember everything our guardians, instructors and companions told us about interviews. You can also learn some International Interview tips, if you’re going abroad for an interview.

The following are some crucial interview rules which you should do and which you should not do, that ought to unite every one of those assorted sources of guidance, to offer you some assistance in next interview.

Interview tips that you should do

  • Well prepared:

For any kind of interview you should be well prepared from every aspect. If there is admission interview, focus that subjects that can be asked in interview and if it is for job, then also be prepared for every question.

  • Have a good sleep:

Having a proper night rest is the most essential for all interviews, the reason is that you will 100% more prepared to tackle an interview when you have fresh face and prepared to impress the interviewers.

  • Be on time:

You have to reach the place of interview before the given time at least 20 minutes early so that you become ready for interview according to environment and can follow proper directions.

  • Sit straight:

We all are well aware that the good posture is a phenomenal thing to have, but many of us forgot this factor during interview. The posture you have imposes a great impression on interviewer, so try not to let the bad impression on interviewers when you introduce yourself in interview so you have to be confident and put your shoulders go with the same pattern.

  • Be curious:

On the off chance that you have any inquiries, ask them. In case if you don’t, think about some to ask in any case. You ought to demonstrate that you’re quick to discover how the organization works, what will be anticipated from you and what organization society is similar to your expectation.

  • Make an eye contact:

The most important tip for any interview is to have an eye contact with the interviewers that show you are well confident.  Make an eye contact and no need to fear it so that you will see that it is much easier when you make eye contact and feel relax.

  • Be yourself:

As your introductory letter are adverts for your abilities and experience, so too is the interview itself – to a considerably bigger degree. Utilize the meeting time to emphasize the imperative truths about yourself and how can you serve the organization, giving pertinent samples of tasks you’ve driven or assignments you’ve nailed, in accordance with the questioner’s inquiries. Verify that what you say is important and relevant, additionally guarantee that what you say sparks enthusiasm in your voice – it’s this energy that all questioners search for.

Interview tips that you should not do                           

  • Crossing arms:

Great non-verbal communication i.e. body language plays it’s vital role in making a decent impression with anybody you meet, as well as interviewers. And also don’t cross your arms in front of interviewer. Crossing arms can have negative essences so know about your body and the signs you’re giving, at any rate until the interviewer has gauged your internal brightness.

  • Playing with hairs:

During interview you should avoid touching your face or playing with your hair because this will not just distract the interviewer, it might likewise recommend that you are apprehensive or more awful, that you think more about how your hair looks than you do about the employment.

  • Over or underdressed:

An employer is always in search of employees who are well dressed and suitably attired so don’t be overdressed or never underdressed when you are going for interview.

  • Interruption:

The main tip for interview is that never interrupt the interviewer in any case because it put bad impression on the interviewers.


From the above discussion we come to know that your behavior, dressing and body language have a great impact on your interview so that you should be well prepared and behave well to have a good experience. Plus avoid many questions and unfavorable dressing as this have bad effect on admission officer. We have to manage all these things properly to avoid any problem.


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